The Chaos Has Settled - Bring it On {In a Good Way}!


I can't tell you how grateful I am that I attended the IDEA World Conference in California a few weeks ago. Yes, I did learn more about fitness (which I am excited to share with everyone). Yes, I did learn more about blogging. Yes, I did learn the direction the industry is headed. However, I learned a lot more about myself at the same time.

These last few weeks have been chaotic. I know I always say that, but they have! I've made 12 drapes in the last 5 days, taken care of Bryce by myself while Daddy was out of the country and somehow managed to keep blogging, as best as I can. I just might pat myself on the back right now (oh well, while I celebrate for a second, you can tune out).

What did I get out of the conference that I'm talking about? Passion! I attended a branding seminar. I thought the seminar would provide me with information that would be useful in continuing the branding efforts for, yada, yada, yada, but it didn't. (Ok, well maybe just a little.) 

Instead, the first exercise in the interactive seminar was to write down your passions and your interests. I never really thought about that before. You mean they can be different? But if I'm not interested, it can't be a passion, right? If I'm not passionate about something then I'm not interested, correct? Nope! Interests are just that - something that you are interested in, but passions, those are why you breathe - what you think about - what you live for. 

Other than my passion for my family and friends, the ONLY other thing that was coming up in my mind was my passion for sharing my faith with others and reaching women with my story and my testimony. Whoa! Really? I've toyed around with this concept in my head (and a little on this blog), but I never actually admitted it to be a passion of mine. I certainly have never shared it. What am I afraid of? 

On the flip side, I kept thinking... "Wait... you mean fitness isn't my passion?" Well, if I have to be totally honest, no. It's a very strong interest of mine, but not a passion. 

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes during the seminar. I wanted to run from the room and bawl my eyes out, but there were so many people. I couldn't do that. 

It was then and there that I realized why I went to the seminar: God wanted me there. He has a greater purpose for me and for my life. A purpose that isn't dependent upon my interest of making people healthy and helping them lead a fit lifestyle. He wants me to help herd his flock - to help gather sheep for him to lead. 

So, going forward, I am still excited to share my fitness tips and advice on but don't be surprised if you get a glimpse of my life here on (and maybe somewhere else - that's a teaser if you didn't pick up on it) that is all about my faith in Him. 

I ask for prayer during this time. It's sort of scary when you realize your dreams. I know that my ultimate dreams (and where I want to take this passion) can come true, but I'm scared of how I will get there. If I will have enough "gusto" to do what it takes. I certainly will try!

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2014 Year End Goals


So, I promised all of you these goals yesterday, but life got in the way. My drapery business has exploded (My work was featured on a home decor website.) and Jim and I also went on vacation to the Dominican Republic for a few days. Hectic times! I digress...


What is a goal? Google defines a goal as "the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result." I think that's well put. It is certainly an object of ambition and something that one is aiming toward - keeping the end in sight. 

So... without further adieu, here are my 2014 year end goals:
  1. Continue my journey closer to God and away from worldly things.
  2. Continue to work toward becoming the image of the wife and mother that I long for.
  3. Work on and launch my project with my husband, Jim (look for more info soon!!! Yay!)
  4. Line up at least 2 speaking engagements to take place in 2014 and/or 2015. It's always been a dream of mine to speak and motivate others in large audiences and I'm going to make it a reality!
  5. Continue to grow my websites - and
  6. Make more time for friends - new friends and old friends.
  7. Post occasionally on (creative website), but not beat myself up if I can't do a post a week or even a post a month! After all, being creative is a hobby for me!
  8. Grow my Etsy businesses - Creative Athletic Gear and Home Decor/Draperies
  9. Relax more and smell the roses!

After this long list of things to accomplish before December 31, the latter goal might be a bit challenging, but it can be done!

*****If you can help put me in touch with anyone that might need speakers so that I can accomplish #4, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I would like to speak in regard to faith, fitness, faith and fitness, family from a woman's perspective, marriage, and/or blogging.*****
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Fear Strikes Back


Fear wrestles with your emotions. It hits you like a ton of bricks from a far off place that you didn't see coming. Fear is the ugly, hairy, sweaty monster that doesn't let go of your grasp until you give in or throw in the towel. 

I'm here to tell you that this reality of what fear is, is only a reality in your mind if you let it be. Let this be someone else's reality - not yours. I've been re-reading Max Lucado's Fearless, partly because I saw it on in my Nook library, but also because it's a message that I need to hear. I have a hunch that I'm like most of you - I have insecurities and doubt myself often (maybe more than others). I let fear, specifically the fear of failure, stand in the way of and haunt the completion of my dreams.

Fear says, "You're not good enough."
Fear says, "It will never happen."
Fear says, "You are ridiculous, look in the mirror. Do you know who you are?"
Fear says, "Stop trying. If you do, you won't have to fail."

Why do we let fear tell us so much? It's like a pesky radio station that you can't turn off. It's impossible! God didn't build us to listen to fear. He built us to LISTEN to Him and TRUST him. In Psalm 23:4, the Bible teaches: 

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

It doesn't matter what your "valley of the shadow of death" is, he is there. He guards you with his rod and wards off attackers with his staff. Take a moment to think about your "valley." Is it your kids, your job, your relationship with your spouse, a relative or a friend, or just something that you can't seem to conquer? Whatever it may be - He is there, guiding the way.

You might be wondering where I'm going with this... I'm not really going anywhere with it - yet. Over the next few days, I've decided to actually pen my goals so to make them official. I've been in prayer much over the last few weeks asking God to point me in the direction that He wants to lead my life and I truly believe that I am headed in a God-centered direction - though I'm not sure of the ultimate purpose or outcome, only He is.

Please be on this journey with me. Together, He will guide us. 
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Book Review: Graham Blanchard Christian Children's Books


There's something magical about a book. The way it feels, the anxious feeling you get when you turn the pages to find out what's next and the emotion that the book evokes as you read. It's no different whether you are a newborn or 100 years old. The words on the pages give meaning, teach us new skills, emotions and facts. Books captivate and entertain. 

When Graham Blanchard's reps contacted me about reviewing a few of their Christian children's books, I was elated. We have some adorable books for Bryce, but not many that get the Christian message across in fun to read, children's books. 

"Close as a Breath" by Callie Grant and Illustrated by Sarah Ackerley
"Little Seed: A Life" by Callie Grant and Illustrated by Suzanne Etienne
"Knowing My God: Jesus Saves Me" by Callie Grant and Illustrated by Jodie Stowe

Bryce's favorite book has to be Close as a Breath. He loves for us to read it to him at nap time and bed  time and I have often found him picking it up to peer at the pages and pictures while just playing in his room. The story is so cute, but best of all, he can understand it (as much as a 15-mo old can) and knows that the man with the little girl is her Daddy. (I know this because he points and says, "Daddy!")

If you find yourself picking up one of the books, venture over to the Graham Blanchard website - it has one-page documents with tips and tricks for adults to take the story with their child further - and for each book!

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