Fear Strikes Back


Fear wrestles with your emotions. It hits you like a ton of bricks from a far off place that you didn't see coming. Fear is the ugly, hairy, sweaty monster that doesn't let go of your grasp until you give in or throw in the towel. 

I'm here to tell you that this reality of what fear is, is only a reality in your mind if you let it be. Let this be someone else's reality - not yours. I've been re-reading Max Lucado's Fearless, partly because I saw it on in my Nook library, but also because it's a message that I need to hear. I have a hunch that I'm like most of you - I have insecurities and doubt myself often (maybe more than others). I let fear, specifically the fear of failure, stand in the way of and haunt the completion of my dreams.

Fear says, "You're not good enough."
Fear says, "It will never happen."
Fear says, "You are ridiculous, look in the mirror. Do you know who you are?"
Fear says, "Stop trying. If you do, you won't have to fail."

Why do we let fear tell us so much? It's like a pesky radio station that you can't turn off. It's impossible! God didn't build us to listen to fear. He built us to LISTEN to Him and TRUST him. In Psalm 23:4, the Bible teaches: 

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

It doesn't matter what your "valley of the shadow of death" is, he is there. He guards you with his rod and wards off attackers with his staff. Take a moment to think about your "valley." Is it your kids, your job, your relationship with your spouse, a relative or a friend, or just something that you can't seem to conquer? Whatever it may be - He is there, guiding the way.

You might be wondering where I'm going with this... I'm not really going anywhere with it - yet. Over the next few days, I've decided to actually pen my goals so to make them official. I've been in prayer much over the last few weeks asking God to point me in the direction that He wants to lead my life and I truly believe that I am headed in a God-centered direction - though I'm not sure of the ultimate purpose or outcome, only He is.

Please be on this journey with me. Together, He will guide us. 
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Book Review: Graham Blanchard Christian Children's Books


There's something magical about a book. The way it feels, the anxious feeling you get when you turn the pages to find out what's next and the emotion that the book evokes as you read. It's no different whether you are a newborn or 100 years old. The words on the pages give meaning, teach us new skills, emotions and facts. Books captivate and entertain. 

When Graham Blanchard's reps contacted me about reviewing a few of their Christian children's books, I was elated. We have some adorable books for Bryce, but not many that get the Christian message across in fun to read, children's books. 

"Close as a Breath" by Callie Grant and Illustrated by Sarah Ackerley
"Little Seed: A Life" by Callie Grant and Illustrated by Suzanne Etienne
"Knowing My God: Jesus Saves Me" by Callie Grant and Illustrated by Jodie Stowe

Bryce's favorite book has to be Close as a Breath. He loves for us to read it to him at nap time and bed  time and I have often found him picking it up to peer at the pages and pictures while just playing in his room. The story is so cute, but best of all, he can understand it (as much as a 15-mo old can) and knows that the man with the little girl is her Daddy. (I know this because he points and says, "Daddy!")

If you find yourself picking up one of the books, venture over to the Graham Blanchard website - it has one-page documents with tips and tricks for adults to take the story with their child further - and for each book!

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God Reveals Himself when You Least Expect Him To


We (as in myself and Whitney from HeandSheEatClean.com) attended Idea World Fitness Blogfest with Sweat Pink! in Anaheim over the weekend. As we were walking the one mile to and from our hotel, I couldn't help but notice the homeless population. (Note to Self: When attending fitness conventions, stay at the host hotel - you will have more stamina for the convention workouts)
There weren't many homeless individuals, or at least I didn't see many. However, I did notice that several would bunk under the shuttle bus waiting area in and around Disneyland for the night to sleep. As I carried my "necessities:" convention swag, my yoga mat with my newly-made coordinated yoga bag and my laptop, I couldn't help but notice that my "temporary" convention belongings were just as much, if not more than their entire belongings. "Am I missing something?," I thought. How could these individuals fit their entire lives in what I had packed for less than 8 hours? 
It was in that moment of realization that I wanted to burst out into tears. Had I become so self-obsessed and so much of a miser of all things "Tiffany" to think that I ACTUALLY needed these things? Maybe. Maybe I had. Why did I deserve to go to a conference to learn new things and complain that I was cold because I actually got to sit in air conditioning while these individuals were struggling just to survive and meet their basic human needs? 
God wanted me to see that. He wanted to jolt me from my demented, "perfect" little world and open my eyes to the rest of His world. What can I do to make their life better? Is there a way that I could have helped them to see that even in their darkest moments, God loves them. 
Please join me in praying for these individuals and praying for myself and for you so that we may find a way to turn the blessings God's has bestowed upon us into a teachable, profitable way for others.
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She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder - Week 1.5 Recap


So how is everyone doing?!? I am loving this program.  I know I co-wrote it... I should love it, right? Seriously though, I think it's my favorite workout that we have released yet! Here's what I have been up to with the workout:


After helping a lot of ladies figure out how to manipulate the program to suit their marathon and half marathon training goals, I did a minor amount of manipulating myself! I infused a BodyFlow class into my workouts for the week.  If you aren't familiar with LesMills programming, BodyFlow is a 60-min class that incorporates yoga, Pilates and Thai Chi. It's very relaxing but it has an intense stretching and bodyweight strength component. It's a great compliment for the workout. I did that last week and this week (Week 2) on my cardio/run day in addition to the cardio/run training.

Um... Can I tell you how much I love hill sprints?  I did them when I was preparing for a few shoots before I had Bryce, but I really haven't thought much of doing them since. I am so glad we wrote those into the workout.  What a great way to burn calories and get your sweat. After all, work smarter and take advantage of your gym time!

Today is technically my run day, but Bryce woke up super early this morning, so that meant that he napped early and I missed my window to go to the gym this morning after an appointment that I had. While I may be at the gym, I'm actually sitting in Jim's truck writing this post. (5:45pm) Bryce fell asleep again on the way here and I didn't want Jim to miss his chance to work out.  So... since we have a no-wake policy in our house, I'm stuck out in the car! Note: He did wake up before Jim finished his workout, but by that time the gym had moved in to "Date Night" mode and I wasn't allowed to bring Bryce in because he wasn't registered. We took selfies instead! (See above)

Thank you to everyone for the prayers yesterday (see Facebook). My Autoimmune Disease can be both nasty and cruel at times and although it will never hold me back, especially from motivating any of you, your encouragement and prayers are greatly appreciated!

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